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Sleepy Sands

#SL #secondlife Sleepy Sands

Sleepy Sands

If you are looking for a sunny, happy, place to brighten up your day or mood, than Sleepy Sands is the place to go!

Thanks to my friend Cooper, who showed me this lovely tropical paradise, I explored Sleepy Sands, which is the home of Pinkrayne and Sammmyboy and also the home of Pink’s mainstore ‘HOLY SHIrT’.

Sleepy Sands - III

There are all kind of small islands, surrounded by a blue lagoon and there is lots of…

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Thursday Tours: Deadpool, Basilique and Tierra de Fuego

#SL #Secondlife Thursday Tours: Deadpool, Basilique and Tierra de Fuego

Thursday Tours Basilique 2

For this weeks Thursday Tours I (re)visited another 3 wonderful places! I have, in past, blogged about these three locations, and they are also places I love to go back to from time to time.

First stop this afternoon was Deadpool. Last time I was there, it was a spooky Carnival infested with zombies…now it is a fashion-district, a shopping-city, but…besides the shops it is still very ‘Deadpool’…

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White Dune Estates - Swan Island

#SL #secondlife White Dune Estates - Swan Island

White Dune Estates - Swan Island

The coming months I will probably not blog as often as I did, at least not daily. Not for bad or sad reasons! No no….I have started a 2 months education/training/course and will be to ‘school’ and will have lots of homework to do – soooo…that means a bit less time for Second Life or at least not so much time for blogging. I will continue to explore though (and blog!), I love it too much!


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That’s Italy by Mexi Lane

#SL #secondlife That’s Italy by Mexi Lane


Last night, just before I wanted to log off and go to bed, I saw new pictures on Flickr posted by Mexi Lane of her latest art installation on MIC : That’s Italy. Enough to pospone bedtime and TP over to have a look!

That’s Italy is not so much about the country Italy, but ‘Italy’ is the name of a rusty container ship, which seems to have ended on the rocks and lost most of its cargo – containers…

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Thursday Tours: Frisland, The Trace and Binemist

#SL #Secondlife Thursday Tours: Frisland, The Trace and Binemist


Every now and then, well actually quite often but I try to be modest, I get questions as ‘what is a nice sim for pics‘, or ‘ Do you know where I can do such and such photoshoot‘.  The worst question is always: ‘what is your favourite place‘ , because  I have so many and it depends on mood, ambiance and all that. I love so, so many places!

It made me think a bit, and I am going to introduce a new…

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#SL #secondlife Rage-decorating!


Yes, a post on home decoration. Again!  Not because I enjoy decorating so much, quite the opposite but well….things happened. Again!

This afternoon I was happily (lol, not really) putting the last things in my skyhome – after months and months of blood, sweat and tears I finally finished it. When I wanted to make a pretty picture, to show off my stylish home (ahem), I noticed one of the windows…

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