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The Naked Sailing Club

#SL #secondlife The Naked Sailing Club


Of all the things one can do naked in Second Life, of course…sailing is one of them! Now, I have never felt the need to sail naked in Real Life, and to be honest…not even in Second Life, because..well, why? And also, The Blake Seas where I usually sail do not allow it.

Two friends of me, Beth and her partner Hugh, are a tad more into nudity/naturism, and sailing-enthusiasts, and they told me…

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The Citadel

#SL Secondlife The Citadel


What a lovely start of the week: I had all the time in the world to go exploring!
I browsed a bit through the Destination Guide and in the ‘photogenic’ section a new (to me) place caught my attention: The Citadel. As per the description is a desert with a futuristic city. I like deserts in SL! So there I went!

I arrived in an old wooden shed, and since it was a bit took me a moment to…

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City of Lost Angels

#SL #secondlife City of Lost Angels

City of Lost Angels

This afternoon I decided to go ahead and make pictures in the City of Lost Angels.  (Adult). I have been a bit quiet on my blog this week, but that has to do with RL and also an annoying ‘feature’ I currently experience: randomly textures of objects, buildings or even my clothing, gets blurry..then gets sharp…then gets blurry again. Of course, it always gets blurry the moment I hit the snapshot…

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Not Crazy

Birthday 2014

I am not crazy or dangerous,
just eccentric and lonely

Last year I got my male alt out for a birthday dance. This year I tried to kiss my frog, to turn him into a handsome dance partner…


Oh come on frog, one kiss for one dance, please?

It seemed a good idea, but …uhm, on second thought,  I’d better dust off the male alt…

Happy birthday to me!

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Flanagan Falls

#SL #secondlife Flanagan Falls

Flanagan Falls

This morning I had a lovely time exploring Flanagan Falls. A residential sim, one can rent homes – which I skipped zooming in – but everyone is welcome to visit and enjoy this green, rainy, forest with waterfalls and beautiful paths. If you take the time you will also spot some wildlife (although I am a bit unsure if a bear is actually Irish – the sim is supposed to be Ireland)!
Flanagan Falls - I

Flanagan Falls - II

It is wonderful…

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