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The Koto Project

#SL #secondlife The Koto Project

Koto Project

I had my breakfast in Japan this morning! I visited The Koto Project, a well designed Japanese Roleplay sim, situated in the Edo Period.
Although for roleplay, and they do have rules (read them, a notecard is provided upon arrival), visitors are welcome and as far as I could find in the rules there is no need to dress to theme when just passing by. The notecard, by the way, also has some great…

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Falling apart

time out

The past week I have not been able, nor been in the mood, for exploring. I have had a series of less pleasant issues in SL, which at some point made me believe my Second Life was slowly but surely falling apart!

It started with my profile. For some reason it does not work anymore. I cannot see my own profile, not inworld and not in the browser, so I cannot look at the feed either, although that…

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